Type 514-519 Diaphragm Valve



Type 514-519 Diaphragm Valve

The 5-Series Diaphragm Valve family shall include the Type 514, 515, 517, and 519.  The Type 514 body shall be true union.  The Type 515 body shall be spigot.  The Type 517 body shall be spigot and the end connection shall be flanged.  The Type 519 body shall be lateral style spigot.  All 5-Series Diaphragm Valves shall be bidirectional.  The bonnet to body connection shall be threaded.  The handle shall be lockable.  The diaphragm material shall be indicated by a color-specific insert.  The stroke shall be indicated by a graduated indicator.  Type 517 ANSI versions shall meet ANSI B16.5 150lb standards.  All  5-Series Diaphragm Valves with PTFE diaphragms shall have a non-bonded elastomeric backing and utilize FPM face seals if required.  All valves shall be tested in accordance with ISO9393 and designed to ISO16138 standards.  All valves shall be manufactured under ISO9001 for Quality and ISO14001 for Environmental Management.  Following assembly, every valve shall be tested and certified bubble-tight exceeding Class VI standards.


•    Size:  ½”–2”
•    Material: PVC, CPVC, PROGEF® Standard® PP, PROGEF®  Natural PPn, ABS, SYGEF® Standard PVDF, SYGEF® Plus PVDF-HP
•    Top Works: Threaded connection to valve body
•    Position Indicator: Integrated, graduated
•    Handle: Lockable
•    Mounting: Stainless steel inserts

Optional Feature:

•    Actuation: Pneumatic
•    Limit Switches: Mechanical, inductive
•    Top Works: Atmospheric bonnet seal
•    High Pressure: 232 psi max PVC, CPVC, PVDF (water only applications)
•    End Connection: Alternatives available upon request
•    Face Seals: Alternatives available upon request
•    Cleaned: Silicone-free/ oil-free

Key Certification:

•    FDA CFR 21 177.1520: PP and PVDF
•    FDA CFR 21 177.2600:  EPDM and FPM
•    FDA CFR 21 177.1550:  PTFE
•    USP Class VI (physiological non-toxic): EPDM, FPM, PTFE, PP and PVDF